Joey Bada$$ x Scion


One of hip-hop’s rising stars, Joey Bada$$ was tapped in a collaboration with Toyota’s youth brand, Scion USA. With a project brief and talent list in hand from agency BON USA, Clockwork set out to close busy LA streets, city blocks, and airspace to complete filming. Shutting down the ultra-busy Olympic Blvd in downtown Los Angeles, we paired the Arri Alexa camera with a process dolly, aerial helicopter, 30-foot jib crane, drone, lighting, grip, and vehicle transport.

The end result of our in-depth operation was a mock adventure through the streets of LA with Joey Bada$$ as he attempts to escape from a driven band of fans, eager to get at him and his Scion vehicles.


Client: BON USA / Scion

Tags: Advertising, Film

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