Scion iM


After 10 years in business as Toyota’s youth-outreach brand, Scion decided to make its biggest push ever with the launch of the new iA and iM models. Built around a heavily social & TV based ad campaign, the iA & iM models would feature distinctive marketing approaches and themes.

The iM hatchback was designed as the sporty “haul all” with room for bikes, camping gear, instruments, TVs, and anything else that might fit inside. With just a briefing on the overall marketing direction of the program, we set out to create a spot for the Scion iM that would educate on its features as well as fit in with the intended message. Combining our talents of location scouting, pre-production, production, and post, we turned out a North American spot that fit with the iM’s nature as well as the client’s directive.


Client: Scion

Tags: Advertising, Film

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