Driven – Steve Aoki x Scion


A simple idea. In order to promote Steve Aoki’s album “Neon Future Part 1”, he teamed up with Scion A/V to create a lifestyle driven adventure series that would capture viewer’s attention. The result was a Choose Your Own Adventure style video series that followed Aoki along as he completed such tasks as a music video shoot, a skate session with pro Riley Hawk, a tour of his home recording setup, and even a drift exhibition with pro driver Ryan Tuerck.

An incredibly tight production schedule down to the 10-min increment was put together for this shoot in order to bring together all talents required as well as locations, vehicles, and time of day. In the end, production company moves would sometimes go from Torrance to downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood in the span of a single day. Nothing like some quick beats to keep you going.


Client: BON USA / Scion

Tags: Advertising, Film

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